Meeting Room for Rent: Meeting Room A.  It can accommodate 

about 40 to 50 people comfortably. Best used for meetings and 

small gatherings.


We also have the gym available.  Best for large groups, family 

reunions, graduation parties, Christmas gathering and large meetings. 

Tables and chairs are included with your rental.  The kitchen must 

be rented if you are serving food in the gym.


The gym is also available for basketball games and volleyball games 

and for walking. We have a volleyball standard that has been 

purchased by the Community Center Committee.


The Community Center is also home to the Meal Site.  The meal

site serves delicious meals on Tuesday's. Come early and/or stay

late. The group plays Euchre after the meal, starting at 12:30,

and plays Domino's before the meal. Your Meal Site Director is

Betty Kerkenbush.  Meals are available for any senior, 60 years

or older. Please call 568-3612 by noon Monday afternoon to reserve 

your meal. 


Other meetings that we have are AA, Tuesday, 8:00 PM, and 

Sunday 6:30 PM, Room A.

Please call 568-3333 for reservations for the gym or meeting rooms. 

The village charges a nominal fee for the use of the building.

All Civic or Non-Profit Groups are not charged a fee, but donations 

are accepted.